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Welcome to this first lecture in the Robotic vision course, in this first lecture we are going to recap about robots, how they work, and the need for senses. And then we're going to talk about senses more broadly sort of senses that animals and people have and then we are going to focus on sort of sense that robots have perhaps things like GPS but in particularly we are going to focus on why is that vision make sense as a sense of a robot, so my job in this lecture is to make the case for why vision is a great sense for robots.


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Vision is a critically important sense for humans and, in fact, for almost all animals. If it’s useful to us then surely it would be a useful sensor for robots.

Professor Peter Corke

Professor of Robotic Vision at QUT and Director of the Australian Centre for Robotic Vision (ACRV). Peter is also a Fellow of the IEEE, a senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and on the editorial board of several robotics research journals.

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