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Copyright guidance notes

For Individuals

Individuals may view or make copies of the Content contained on the QUT Robot Academy website. The Content must not be systematically downloaded, retrieved or stored. The Content must not be reproduced or transmitted without  prior written permission from QUT.

The QUT Robot Academy accepts that you may save an electronic copy or print out parts of this website solely for your own information, research or study, provided that:

  • you do not modify the copy from how it appears on the website; and
  • you include all copyright notices and/or acknowledge the relevant third party sources.

QUT will not be liable for any misuse and/or non-compliance with copyright law and requirements by individuals

For Educational Institutions

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Robot Academy permits Educational Institutions to make use of the Robot Academy content (the Content) for the specified purpose of teaching and learning within an Educational Institution. Any unauthorised use of the Content may be subject to copyright infringement.

Educational Institutions are defined as a Primary and Secondary Schools, Tertiary/Technical or further educational institutions (including TAFE colleges), and Universities.

Users must not modify any of the Content in any way, and must not remove any of the copyright notices or associated copyright information in relation to any of the content on this website.

Some of the Content may be labelled with creative commons insignia .

As an Educational Institution you can:

  • Provide your class with a list of links to QUT Robot Academy lessons or masterclasses for prep-work or as distance education
  • Use QUT Robot Academy lessons or masterclasses during a lecture or tutorial, or parts thereof but not otherwise modified

If Educational Institutions want to customise the QUT Robot Academy Content to support teaching and learning permission must be sought from QUT via

When recording a lecture, Educational Institutions need to consider the copyright implications. Some copyright issues do not arise in the delivery of a lecture face to face, but arise when a recording is made.  When making a screen or video recording, Educational Institutions are reproducing the words spoken and any audio or visual material played or display in the lecture. 

Education institutions are responsible for ensuring that any content used or included in any such recording complies with copyright law and requirements.  QUT will not be liable for any misuse and/or non-compliance with copyright law and requirements by Educational Institutions.